If you're a foodie, adventurer or just like finding new places to relax, you can be sure to find something of your taste in and around downtown Tulsa. Easily explore your surroundings and discover an array of local favorites that include:

  • Foolish Things: This popular coffee shop is known for its relaxing atmosphere and revitalizing coffee.

  • Turkey Mountain: Connect with the great outdoors when biking and hiking at turkey mountain. The trail surrounds you with scenic views unique to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Guthrie Green: Catch an exciting concert or enter serenity with an enriching yoga class on Guthrie Green. This park hosts an array of local events within the downtown area.

  •  Brookside: Bring your camera and appetite when you visit Brookside, home to popular outdoor restaurants, live music and awe-inspiring art museums.

  • Cain's Ballroom: Catch local musicians, touring bands and unique special events at the legendary Cain's Ballroom.

  • ONEOK field: ONEOK Field is the newest addition to the Tulsa skyline and plays host to the city's professional baseball team, a picturesque view of the city and an interactive water feature.

Visiting Tulsa this spring? It's one of our favorite times of the year. The weather makes it perfect for spending time outside, hanging out by the river, playing in the park and going to a festival. Ask our friendly front desk team members for recommendations on local hot spots, popular attractions and hidden gems.